PV Numbers Series ETDRS Chart With Islands (4 Meter) Set of 3

Precision Vision

SKU : 2702-A-B

Much like Patti Pics optotypes, PV Number optotypes follow a Sloan standard.  These 4 meter charts have Islands on the bottom for ease of right and left eye testing.

For Testing at 4 Meters (13 Feet).  Can be wall-mounted or utilized within the Precision Vision ETDRS Illuminator Cabinets.

Much like Patti Pics optotypes, PV Number optotypes follow a Sloan standard. Not only do PV Numbers adhere to the Sloan 5×5 grid, but the numbers have been chosen specifically for their difficulty level. PV Numbers also have an equal blur at the threshold. By following a constant standard for each charts recordings are more accurate and reliable. Also, each test will have the same results no matter if it uses Sloan, PV Numbers, or Patti Pics optotypes.


Precision Vision

Dimension :  27 × 27 × 0.04 in

LogMar Values : Yes

Testing Distance : 4 Meters (13 Feet).

Optotypes : Numbers

Contrast : No

Material : Plastic

Front Side : Yes

Back Side : No