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EYEPORT II® Vision Training System

Bernell USA


Today, people around the world are doing daily eye exercises with the original EYEPORT®. Developed in the early 2000’s, the EYEPORT® was the first FDA cleared medical device intended to improve performances related to vision. Unfortunately, the original model was not produced after 2012. After receiving a large number of requests from our customers, Bernell has revived this great Vision Therapy training tool! The key training features and programs of the original model have not changed, however a new design plus added features have been incorporated into the new EYEPORT®II model from Bernell. Additionally, this device is now proudly made in the USA!

Bernell’s redesigned EYEPORT® II Home Vision Training System is a patented and FDA-cleared medical device intended to improve vision performance. To read more comfortably, learn more easily, work less painfully, and play sports more effortlessly. The way the training system works is really quite simple. Your eyes’ focusing muscles flex and relax when they follow the EYEPORT®II programmed series of alternating red and blue lights. Because the lights turn on in different directions, patterns and speeds, your eyes exercise through their full range of motion–horizontally, vertically, diagonally, near, and far. And you don’t even work up a sweat. Since you often focus at close range while reading or working at a computer, your focusing system becomes stiff and cramped causing computer eyestrain.

Limbering up your eyes as part of a daily routine will retrain them to work the way they’re supposed to…and you’ll be well on your way to improving your visual performance. All you have to do is commit to a daily 10-minute workout to see results.

What makes the EYEPORT®II unique is its patented use of alternating red and blue lights. This makes it possible to achieve dramatic results, faster and more efficiently than with any other vision exercise product available today. Basically, your eyes react differently to red and blue lights due to a scientific phenomenon called chromatic aberration. The focusing system contracts when it sees red and relaxes looking at blue. By combining eye exercises with specific colored lights, the EYEPORT®II strengthens your vision skills in a revolutionary new way never previously done. And it’s easy.


Bernell USA