illuminator Large Original Cabinet 230v

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The first and still the world standard for retro illumination of vision testing charts.

illuminator Large Original Cabinet 230v


The first and still the world standard for retro illumination of vision testing charts. Most frequently used with ETDRS charts for research and education. Retro Illuminated cabinet is available in two colors for coordination with clinical settings. With the use of the Adjustable Castor Base (Cat. No. 2426), cabinet is mobile for easier testing in multiple settings. Illuminator cabinet is also available in different voltages for world wide use.

Product Features:

  • National Eye Institute and FDA approved and recommended
  • CE compliant
  • 85 cd/m2 option for Clinical Trials
  • Standardized uniform retro illumination for all 62 X 65 cm (24.5 X 25.5 in.) ETDRS charts
  • Used for clinical trials or general office use
  • Charts for several distances and optotypes in high and low contrast available
  • Chart storage pocket in back
  • Available in Traditional Beige, or New Cobalt Black
  • Measures 63 X 65.5 X 17.8 cm (24.75 X 25.75 X 7 in.)
  • Can be used with Adjustable Caster Base (CAT. NO. 2426)
  • Can be wall-mounted

Large ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet is used in clinical trials, research, studies, and general clinical. Retro illuminator cabinet provides accurate and uniform illumination essential to reliable vision testing. All translucent Contrast Sensitivity vision tests are highly recommended with this cabinet for accurate results. ETDRS Illumination cabinet is supported and approved by the NEI and FDA.

Effective May 12, 2008, Precision Vision® completed testing and documentation requirements and received CE approval for the ETDRS Illuminator Cabinets™ to be used in Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors offices throughout the European Union. All ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet™ accessories (charts, bases, lamps)


Precision Vision

Dimensions 28 × 27 × 9 in