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The Bernell-O-Scope™(BC200) With Storage Box

The Bernell-O-Scope™(BC200) With Storage Box.

A complete vision testing and training program for strabismics and non-strabismics surrounds the Brewster stereoscopic\cheiroscopic instrument.

Features cheiroscopic drawing to break down suppression while enhancing binocular stability. Additionally, Base-In and Base-Out training improves binocular reserves.

Carrier is adaptable for flat, curved or variable slides used for 200mm focal length skills test, Base-In and Base-Out as well as cheiroscopic training. Also adaptable for full-size non-variable book-form stereograms.

High impact ABS plastic, the instrument is durable. lightweight and can be hand-held or set on table.

Includes +5.00D spheroprism lenses, movable occluders and wells for 38mm trial lenses.

Testing and training cards sold separately.

New model has a headrest.

Bernell-O-Scope™ is height adjustable

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Bernell USA