Bernell Functional Binocular Assessment Test Booklet (FBAT™)

Bernell USA


The Bernell Functional Binocular Assessment Test booklet, or Bernell FBAT™, is designed as a convenient and portable, anaglyph tool for assessing various aspects of binocularity with many different clinic populations. It can be an effective tool for working with older infants, toddlers, and non-verbal patients who will often grab in the air for the stereoscopic figures appearing in front of the page, demonstrating both stereopsis and localization. Targets present a range of binocular challenges from basic simultaneous perception to more sophisticated stereopsis, Varying target sizes, different fusion locks, and reference targets allow the examiner to probe and categorize binocular aspects of strabismic performance. Design of the test plates was developed in cooperation with Dr. Gregory Kitchener and Dr. Paul Harris based on their clinical experiences working with a broad variety of patient populations.

The test booklets are conveniently printed so that the descriptions, instructions, expected responses, and suggestions face the examiner while the patient is viewing the corresponding test plate. This easy, yet informative, test booklet is a great addition to every practice especially when seeing children, non-verbal patients, or those with strabismus and amblyopia.

The product includes 12 test plates in booklet form with instructions, two pairs of Red/Green Glasses (Adult and Child versions), and two red pointers.


Bernell USA