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Professional LED Refraction System. ……… Change the REFRACTION you know !


French company founded in 1986, FIM Medical designs, manufactures and markets medical screening devices

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Gulden has eight decades worth of reliable supply chain experience as an ophthalmic instruments manufacturer and ophthalmic device manufacturer

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Our focus is on providing the unique and necessary tools used by Behavioral Optometrist to help their patients reach their maximum visual potential

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When you buy a counterfeit product you help and encourage organized crime.
While this might not seem like an obvious right off the bat, many of the groups involved in counterfeiting do this as a sideline to their regular ophthalmic business.
Its serious offense if you are in “healthcare”

Use of counterfeit products can destroy your practice

Consumers who knowingly purchase counterfeit products, often do so because the counterfeit versions are much cheaper
Counterfeit goods are not subject to quality standards or complying with the product regulations and approvals and they don’t invest in research and development.
Counterfeit products deliver inconsistent clinical outcome and expose the patients to medical risks and diagnosis.

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