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Bernell USA

SKU : BC300

The Bernell-O-Phore™ is the newest visual testing and training device from Bernell. It is a unique mirror stereoscope, similar in design to a synoptophore, that can easily and quickly assess phorias, depth perception, and fusional abilities with one card set. More in depth testing with additional card sets may also be performed in desired. The remaining cards in the basic set are used to do base-in and base-out training.

The Bernell-O-Phore™ comes with a new randot card set of 26 (13 pairs) full color cards (Pictured on the left). Each pair contains either a unique sport figure, shape pattern or numbered sequence. Images appear when fused.

The testing maybe easily performed by the staff prior to the examination as a screening, alerting the doctor that more through testing may be required during the examination. Without the lenses placed in the trial lens holder in the eyepiece, it is test at a distance of 33cm or +3.00 of accommodative demand. With the addition of +3.00 lenses (included in the set), there is zero accommodative demand; making it a distance test. Additional card sets will be offered in the future.


Bernell USA